• Leanne Heffernan

Welcome to my new blog!

Man, this self-published writer stuff is hard work!

I've recently made the transition from listing my book on the Apple store to listing it on Amazon/Kindle and I am making myself dizzy running in circles with it all. Uploading manuscripts, uploading cover images, resizing PDF files, linking author pages, registering on Goodreads (and getting rejected for some unknown reason- have tried again, wish me luck!), formatting paperback specs, etc etc etc. It would be lovely to have someone experienced and in-the-know to be doing all of this for me, but I'm all by myself on this project so I'll just have to dig in my heels and keep at it.

I'm excited that my book is now on the shelf in 2 Dymocks stores in Canberra! It can now be found in the Belconnen Mall and Tuggeranong Hyperdome stores, just in time for the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It's also available to buy from Yass Newsagency, The Village Cafe Murrumbateman, Fox Tale Books Cooma, Kosseris Store Binalong, Harden Post Office, and of course it can be ordered from the website.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates, stories and photos!

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